Basketball Players who Played for Jazz and Pacers

There is a good chance that if you’ve found this page then you’re playing the Immaculate Grid.

That also means that today’s grid has asked for players that have played for both the Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers.

And, it also means that you’re probably stuck on this particular box and you’re looking for a little help. Sound about right so far?

Well, good news, you’re in the right place.

I’ve done some research and have found players who played for both the Jazz and the Pacers.

Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson was drafted straight out of high school as the 15th overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics. He played three seasons in Boston before being traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a package deal for Kevin Garnett in the 2007 offseason.

In Minnesota, he had some of his best years, averaging over 20 points per game in multiple seasons. In 2010, Jefferson was traded to the Utah Jazz, where he continued to be a reliable offensive threat.

After three seasons in Utah, he signed as a free agent with the Charlotte Hornets (known as the Charlotte Bobcats in his first season with the team) in 2013. His first season with the Hornets was a standout, with Jefferson earning All-NBA Third Team honors.

Jefferson Key Stats

  • All-NBA (Hornets)
  • 20+ Points/Game Season (Timberwolves, Hornets)
  • 10+ Rebounds/Game Season (Celtics, Timberwolves, Hornets)

Wesley Matthews

Undrafted out of Marquette University in 2009, Wesley Matthews earned a roster spot with the Utah Jazz, making an immediate impact with his play. After a successful stint in Utah, he signed with the Portland Trail Blazers where he solidified his reputation as one of the league’s best 3-and-D players.

He became a critical piece of the Blazers’ backcourt alongside Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, particularly excelling in 3-point shooting. Matthews ruptured his Achilles tendon in 2015, a significant setback, but returned to play for the Mavericks and has since bounced around with different teams.

Despite the various team changes, his consistency as a shooter and defender has remained, offering valuable contributions in the regular season and playoffs.

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson had a successful NBA career as both a player and a coach. As a player, Jackson was known for his outstanding court vision and passing prowess. Drafted in the first round by the New York Knicks in 1987, he quickly made an impact and was named NBA Rookie of the Year.

Over a career spanning 17 seasons, Jackson played for multiple teams, most notably the Knicks and the Indiana Pacers. His 10,334 career assists rank him among the all-time leaders in the NBA.

After his playing days, Jackson transitioned to broadcasting and coaching. His most prominent coaching stint was with the Golden State Warriors, where he was pivotal in developing the core group that would eventually become a dynasty.

Jackson Key Stats

  • Rookie of the Year (Knicks)
  • All-Star (Knicks)
  • 5+ Assists/Game Season (Knicks, Clippers, Pacers, Nuggets)

Earl Watson

Earl Watson was a player who spent significant time in the NBA as a point guard and later transitioned into coaching. Known for his leadership, toughness, and basketball IQ, Watson carved out a steady career as a role player and floor general.

Watson was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics in the second round of the 2001 NBA Draft. Over the course of his playing career, he played for various NBA teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies, Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Indiana Pacers.

Though not a prolific scorer, Watson made his mark through his ability to distribute the ball, play solid defense, and provide leadership on and off the court.

Watson Key Stats

  • 5+ Assists/Game Season (Grizzlies, Supersonics, Thunder, Pacers)

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