Average Height of NFL Linebackers

Average Height of NFL Linebackers in 2024

In the NFL, where every inch and pound can be the difference between victory and defeat, the stature of players often becomes a topic of discussion. This season, we turn our spotlight on a group known for their formidable presence on the field: the linebackers.

These athletes are the backbone of the defense, tasked with stopping runs, covering passes, and often, being the intimidating force that an opposing offense must reckon with.

But how tall are linebackers really?

For this article, we poured through the opening rosters for each team headed into the 2023 season, including the heights and weights and each player by position. Here is what we found when closely examining the heights of NFL linebackers.

NFL LB Avg Height

The average height of an NFL linebacker is 6’2 1/4″ tall.

But, that doesn’t always tell the whole story. There are over 200 linebackers in the NFL across the 32 teams. Heights for linebackers range from 6’7″ all the way down to 5’10”

So, to give you an idea of where the majority of linebackers actually measure up, we tallied up where players fell on the range from 5’10” to 6’7″.

NFL Linebacker Height Scale

HeightNumber of Players

When you break down the position by height, you find that numbers are pretty evenly dispersed across the range with almost half of all linebackers (103) just on either side of the overall average of 6’2 1/4″.

Looking at the table above, if you want to play linebacker in the NFL you can technically make it happen at 5’10”, but you have a much better shot if you’re at least 6’1″ or taller.

Tallest Linebackers in the NFL

Curious to know who those four players are at the bottom of the table – the guys listed at 6’6″ or taller?

Thought you might.

Here are the 4 tallest linebackers in the NFL.

Anthony Nelson6’7″Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marcus Davenport6’6″Minnesota Vikings
Tavius Robinson6’6″Baltimore Ravens
Andre Carter II6’6″Minnesota Vikings

Shortest Linebackers in the NFL

I imagine there are quite a few future NFL hopefuls who are even more intrigued to know who is representing the other end of the table – the short side.

If you’re under six foot tall and holding on to your dream of playing linebacker at the highest level, here are guys who can offer some inspiration.

Ivan Pace Jr5’10”Minnesota Vikings
Drake Thomas5’11”Seattle Seahawks
David Long5’11”Miami Dolphins
Dee Winters5’11”San Francisco 49ers
Grant Stuard5’11”Indianapolis Colts
Quincy Williams5’11”New York Jets
Nakobe Dean5’11”Philadelphia Eagles
Malcolm Rodriguez5’11”Detroit Lions
Devin Bush5’11”Seattle Seahawks
Mark Robinson5’11”Pittsburgh Steelers
Nick Bolton5’11”Kansas City Chiefs
Denzel Perryman5’11”Houston Texans


The average height of NFL linebackers this season offers us more than just a number; it provides a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of the game. While height can no doubt be an advantage, it’s the combination of skill, agility, and strategic play that truly makes a linebacker stand out.

As we’ve seen, the NFL continues to be a league where diversity in player builds contributes to the richness and unpredictability of the game.

Whether they’re leaping for an interception or powering through a tackle, these athletes remind us that in football, greatness isn’t just measured in inches—it’s etched in the passion and performance on the field.

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