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Mike Larietta – Content Director

Hey guys!

My name is Mike and I’m the Content Director here at Denver Sports Radio.

I’ve been a sports fan my entire life – from football to golf to hockey, I’ve not come across many sports that I couldn’t get interested in.

I also played sports growing up and through college. Mostly football, but also basketball, baseball, soccer and occasionally a little golf.

My mission here with Denver Sports Radio is to provide fun stats and interesting facts along with some of the strategies that go into each sport. So, whether you’re new to a particular sport or a nerdy stats lover like me – you’re likely to find something for you here.

Finally, if you ever want to reach out cause you found a mistake in one of my articles or to just say hi, please head over to my contact page and give me a shout!

Jake Headshot

Jake Robertson – Lead Writer

Jake is our resident basketball nut and wordsmith. Born and raised in Indiana – the heart and soul of American basketball, Jake’s been all about hoops from the get-go.

As a kid, he was totally hooked on the powerhouse player that was Shaquille O’Neal, watching every game he could and mirroring those slam dunks on the court (well, at least on his 8-foot rim in the driveway).

Even though Jake didn’t end up going pro (not all of us can be 7’1” and slam dunk like Shaq), he turned his basketball obsession into a journalism career. He scored a double degree in Journalism and Sports Management from Indiana University, which helped him combine his love for the game with his knack for writing.

Jake’s our go-to guy for everything basketball. He has this cool way of taking all those complicated strategies and stats and making them super easy to understand. Whether you’re a newbie to the sport or a die-hard fan, you’re gonna love his articles.

And don’t even get him started on basketball history. The guy’s like a walking encyclopedia. His articles are a sweet mix of present-day game talk and nostalgic flashbacks.

Jake isn’t just a writer, he’s a fan, just like us. His passion for the game shines through in every piece he writes, making basketball not just a sport, but a story. You’re gonna dig his unique take on the game, we guarantee it.