Average Height of Offensive Linemen in the NFL

Average Height of NFL Offensive Linemen (2024)

In the NFL, where every inch can make a difference between a sack and a touchdown, the offensive linemen stand as unsung heroes. These towering giants form the protective shield around the quarterback, turning their imposing statures into a formidable barrier.

As we kick off the 2023 NFL season, a key question emerges: Just how tall are these gridiron Goliaths?

To satisfy the curiosity of football fans and those who love statistics, we’ve thoroughly analyzed nearly 300 offensive linemen from the Week 1 rosters.

Our in-depth analysis focuses on determining the average height of these players, offering valuable insights into one of the most important positions in the game.

NFL OL Average Height

The average height of an NFL Offensive Lineman in 2023 is 6’5“.

However, averages don’t often tell the whole story. I wanted to take a closer look.

So, in an effort to give you an even better idea of how NFL Offensive Linemen stack up, I tallied up how many players are at each specific height – from 6’1″ all the way to 6’9″.

Offensive Line Height Scale

HeightNumber of Players

An average height of 6’5″ already seems daunting enough, but when you group the entire position by height, it’s even more imposing.

While there are a few players proving that you can technically play the position as short as 6’2″ (or less), 6’4″ almost seems to be the cut-off point to play offensive line in the NFL (85% – 248 out of 293 – are at least 6’4″).

Which NFL Offensive Linemen are the Tallest?

Curious to know who the 14 guys are at the bottom of the table above? The ones standing 6’8″ or taller?

Thought you might (Spoiler Alert – they’re all tackles):

Caleb Jones6’9″OTGreen Bay Packers
Daniel Faalele6’8″OTBaltimore Ravens
Dawand Jones6’8″OTCleveland Browns
Trent Brown6’8″OTNew England Patriots
Jordan Mailata6’8″OTPhiladelphia Eagles
Orlando Brown6’8″OTCincinnati Bengals
Rob Havenstein6’8″OTLos Angeles Rams
Cornelius Lucas6’8″OTWashington Commanders
Kolton Miller6’8″OTLas Vegas Raiders
Matt Waletzko6’8″OTDallas Cowboys
Luke Tenuta6’8″OTGreen Bay Packers
Spencer Brown6’8″OTBuffalo Bills
Mike McGlinchey6’8″OTDenver Broncos
Stone Forsythe6’8″OTSeattle Seahawks

Which NFL Offensive Linemen are the Shortest?

Just as interesting (or maybe even more so) as which guys are the tallest is which guys are actually the shortest.

The 15 shortest offensive linemen in the NFL are all 6’2″ or shorter.

Nick Harris6’1″CCleveland Browns
Aaron Brewer6’1″CTennessee Titans
Shaq Mason6’1″GHouston Texans
Doug Kramer6’2″CChicago Bears
Brian Allen6’2″CLos Angeles Rams
Tyler Linderbaum6’2″CBaltimore Ravens
Olu Oluwatimi6’2″CSeattle Seahawks
Xavier Newman-Johnson6’2″GTennesse Titans
Jordan Meredith6’2″GLas Vegas Raiders
Jordan McFadden6’2″GLos Angeles Chargers
Tremayne Anchrum6’2″GLos Angeles Rams
Kyle Hinton6’2″GAtlanta Falcons
Damien Lewis6’2″GSeattle Seahawks
Jovaughn Gwyn6’2″OLAtlanta Falcons
Isaiah Wynn6’2″OTMiami Dolphins


As we conclude our exploration into NFL offensive linemen heights, a clear picture emerges. The average height for these gridiron guardians in the 2023 season stands at an impressive 6’5″. This statistic underscores not just the physical enormity but also the tactical significance of these players in the high-octane environment of pro football.

The range of heights, spanning from a still-imposing 6’1″ to a skyscraping 6’9″, highlights the diversity within this group. It’s a testament to the varied roles and responsibilities that these athletes shoulder.

Tackles, the titans among titans, claim the title of the tallest position on the offensive line, reflecting their critical role in safeguarding the quarterback and dominating the line of scrimmage.

As fans and analysts, understanding these physical attributes allows us to appreciate the strategic intricacies of the game better. It’s a reminder of how every physical inch can be leveraged into tactical advantages, contributing to the thrilling spectacle that is NFL football.

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