Average Weight of NFL Defensive Linemen

Average Weight of NFL Defensive Linemen (2024)

In the NFL, where every pound can be crucial in the clash at the line of scrimmage, defensive linemen stand as key enforcers of the defensive strategy. These dynamic players, often the heart of the defense, blend size, strength, and agility to disrupt the opposition’s offense and protect their territory.

But what is the average weight of these defensive powerhouses?

To find out, we’ve conducted an extensive review of nearly 250 defensive linemen from the Week 1 rosters of the 2023 NFL season. In this article, we’ll share the average weight of NFL defensive linemen as well as highlight the heaviest and lightest among them.

NFL DL Average Weight

The average weight of an NFL Defensive Lineman in 2023 is 292 pounds.

However, the overall average doesn’t always give a clear picture. Especially when you consider that defensive linemen range in weight from the lightest guy at 235 all the way up to 358 pounds!

So, in an effort to give you an even better idea of where NFL Defensive Linemen weigh in, we broke the position down into 10-pound increments and tallied up how many players fell into each section.

Defensive Linemen Weight Scale

Weight RangeNumber of Players
230 – 2392
240 – 2496
250 – 25919
260 – 26930
270 – 27921
280 – 28928
290 – 29937
300 – 30939
310 – 31934
320 – 32913
330 – 33913
340 – 3494
350 – 3592

Breaking down the numbers in this way highlights the wide range of body types that play on the defensive line. Once you get into the 250s range, there are double-digit players at each level all the way until you reach the 340s.

From gigantic 3-4 nose tackles to speed rushers off the edge, the defensive line is easily one of the most diverse positions when it comes to the size of the athletes playing the position.

Which NFL Defensive Linemen Weigh the Most?

Curious to know who the guys are toward the bottom of the table above? The ones tipping the scale at over 335 pounds?

This probably will come as a surprise to no one, but they’re all defensive tackles.

Siaki IkaDT358
Michael PierceDT355
Vita VeaDT347
Dexter LawrenceDT342
Jordan PhillipsDT341
Josh TupouDT340
Khyiris TongaDT338
Travis JonesDT338
Jordan DavisDT336

Which NFL Defensive Linemen Weigh the Least?

Just as interesting (or maybe even more so) as which guys weigh the most is which guys weigh the least.

The 8 lightest defensive linemen in the NFL weigh under 250 pounds.

Marquis HaynesDE235
Will McDonald IVDE236
Leonard FloydDE240
Will Anderson Jr.DE243
BJ ThompsonDE243
Samson EbukamDE245
Amare BarnoDE245
Yannick NgakoueDE246


Our examination of the average weight of NFL defensive linemen reveals a fascinating diversity in player physique and body types. This position, essential to any successful defense, doesn’t conform to a single physical standard. Instead, it showcases a wide array of athletes, each bringing their unique strengths to the field.

From lighter, speed-focused ends to the heavier, power-driven tackles, the range in weight among these players underscores the versatility and adaptability required in modern NFL defenses. It highlights how teams value different attributes for various roles within the defensive line, whether it’s quickness and agility or strength and power.

It’s a reminder that in the NFL, success on the defensive line is less about fitting a specific physical mold and more about how effectively a player can leverage their unique physical attributes to outmaneuver the opposition.

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