Baseball Players who Played for Twins and Cubs

There is a good chance that if you’ve found this page then you’re playing the Immaculate Grid.

That also means that today’s grid has asked for players that have played for both the Minnesota Twins and Chicago Cubs.

And, it also means that you’re probably stuck on this particular box and you’re looking for a little help. Sound about right so far?

Well, good news, you’re in the right place.

I’ve done some research and have found players who played for both the Twins and the Cubs.

LaTroy Hawkins

LaTroy Hawkins had a lengthy career in Major League Baseball as a reliable relief pitcher. Over his 21-year career from 1995 to 2015, he played for 11 different teams, including the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, and Colorado Rockies.

Throughout his career, Hawkins made 1042 appearances, mostly from the bullpen, and recorded 127 saves. He accumulated a win-loss record of 75-94 with a respectable ERA of 4.31, and struck out 983 batters.

Even though he was never named an All-Star, his consistent performance and durability in a high-pressure role were valued highly by the teams he played for.

*Hawkins was previously the most popular pick for this square (Grid 112)

Rick Aguilera

Rick Aguilera had a solid 16-year career, best known for his time as a relief pitcher with the Twins. In addition to the Twins, Aguilera also played for the Mets, Cubs and Red Sox.

Transitioning from a starting role to the bullpen, Aguilera amassed over 300 saves in his career including two seasons (’91 and ’92) with over 40. He was a three-time All-Star and consistently among the best closers in the game during his peak.

Joe Nathan

Joe Nathan, one of the premier closers of his generation, played in the major leagues from 1999 to 2016. During his 16-season career, Nathan pitched primarily for the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers, but also had stints with the Giants, Tigers, and Cubs.

He finished his career with 377 saves, ranking him 8th on the all-time list. Nathan boasted an impressive career ERA of 2.87 and WHIP of 1.12, striking out 976 batters over 923.1 innings.

A 6-time All-Star (Twins, Rangers), Nathan twice led the American League in saves, in 2004 and 2009. He also won the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award twice, in those same years.

Rich Hill

Rich Hill is an Immaculate Grid beast. The left-handed pitcher has played for 13 different clubs over his incredible 19-year career – one that is still ongoing as I’m writing this (he’s currently pitching with the Padres).

Hill’s MLB journey began when he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2002. After making his major league debut in 2005, he had initial success with the Cubs, particularly in 2007 when he had a standout season. However, injuries, inconsistency, and command issues led to him bouncing around the minors and various MLB teams for several years.

After refining his pitching approach and mechanics, he experienced a career resurgence starting in 2015. At an age when many players see diminished returns, Hill became one of the most effective starters in baseball. This late-career renaissance led to stints with the Red Sox, Athletics, Dodgers, Twins, and Rays.

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