6'7 NFL Players

Complete List of 6’7″ Players in the NFL (2024)

In the NFL, where physical prowess and tactical acumen blend on the gridiron, players standing at an impressive 6’7″ bring a unique dimension to the game. This article focuses on these towering athletes, exploring how their exceptional height sets them apart in a sport that values every inch and pound.

Standing significantly taller than the average player, these athletes possess a natural advantage that they skillfully adapt to their positions, whether on the offensive line, defensive line, or as tight ends.

Drawing from an exhaustive analysis of Week 1 rosters, we’ve identified every 6’7″ player in the NFL. From blocking the league’s most formidable pass rushers to securing high passes out of the air, their size is a critical factor in their play.

6’7″ NFL Players

Player NamePosTeam
Aidan HutchinsonDELions
Tanoh KpassagnonDESaints
Arik ArmsteadDE49ers
Isaiahh LoudermilkDESteelers
DeForest BucknerDTColts
Raekwon DavisDTDolphins
Andrus PeatGSaints
Marcus McKethanGGiants
Anthony NelsonLBBuccaneers
Alaric JacksonOTRams
Blake FreelandOTColts
Josh JonesOTTexans
Brian O’NeillOTVikings
Yosh NijmanOTPackers
Matt NelsonOTLions
Player NamePosTeam
Blake BrandelOTVikings
Matt PeartOTGiants
Taylor DeckerOTLions
Landon YoungOTSaints
Walker LittleOTJaguars
Trevor PenningOTSaints
Fred JohnsonOTEagles
Matt PryorOT49ers
Evan NealOTGiants
Mekhi BectonOTJets
Josh WhyleTETitans
Colby ParkinsonTESeahawks
Jelani WoodsTEColts
John FitzPatrickTEFalcons
Jimmy GrahamTESaints
Darnell WashingtonTESteelers

Each of these towering athletes brings a unique narrative to the field, illustrating how their extraordinary height is harnessed to excel in professional football. In the upcoming section, we will share short bios of select standouts, exploring their journey from promising talents to key players in their respective teams.

Player Bios

From the gritty trenches of the defensive line to the strategic battleground of the offensive line, and the high-flying action of tight ends, these stories will provide a closer look at how 6’7″ players use their physical gifts to achieve success in the NFL.

Jimmy Graham

Position: Tight End (TE)
Team: New Orleans Saints
Height: 6’7″

Jimmy Graham is a tight end for the New Orleans Saints known for his basketball-player-like agility and size, which have made him one of the most formidable tight ends in the NFL.

His transition from basketball to football at the University of Miami set the stage for an unusual but highly successful professional football career. Graham’s height gives him an unmatched advantage in the red zone, where he uses his size and leaping ability to out-muscle defenders for high passes.

Over his career, Graham has been celebrated for his receiving skills, particularly his ability to make contested catches. He has a unique talent for using his body to shield the ball from defenders, making him a reliable target in critical situations. His presence on the field has consistently posed a matchup nightmare for opponents, cementing his reputation as a top tight end and a valuable asset in the passing game.

Aidan Hutchinson

Position: Defensive End (DE)
Team: Detroit Lions
Height: 6’7″

Aidan Hutchinson, a defensive end for the Detroit Lions, has quickly made a name for himself with his impressive combination of size, speed, and technique. Drafted as a high pick from the University of Michigan, Hutchinson has brought a relentless work ethic and formidable physical presence to the Lions’ defensive line. His height, paired with his athleticism, allows him to disrupt passing lanes and apply constant pressure to opposing quarterbacks.

Hutchinson’s ability to leverage his height and reach gives him an edge in shedding blocks and tackling, making him effective against both the pass and the run. His rapid development and adaptability have shown great promise for a standout career in the NFL. As he continues to grow and refine his skills, Hutchinson is poised to become a cornerstone of the Lions’ defense and a disruptive force for opposing offenses.

Brian O’Neill

Position: Offensive Tackle (OT)
Team: Minnesota Vikings
Height: 6’7″

Brian O’Neill, an offensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, utilizes his 6’7″ frame to excel in protecting his quarterback and fortifying the offensive line. His impressive height, combined with his agility and strength, makes him an invaluable asset in both pass protection and run blocking.

O’Neill’s reach and footwork allow him to effectively counteract the league’s best pass rushers, providing stability and reliability on the Vikings’ offensive front.

Since being drafted, O’Neill has developed into one of the most consistent and dependable tackles in the NFL. His transition from tight end in college to tackle in the NFL is a testament to his athleticism and adaptability. His ability to leverage his size while maintaining quickness and technique has earned him respect across the league and has made him a key protector in the Vikings’ offensive scheme.

DeForest Buckner

Position: Defensive Tackle (DT)
Team: Indianapolis Colts
Height: 6’7″

DeForest Buckner is a defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts known for his remarkable blend of size, power, and agility. Buckner’s height and arm length give him a significant advantage in the trenches, allowing him to disrupt offensive lines and penetrate backfields with ease. His ability to collapse the pocket and tackle with reach makes him a constant threat to opposing offenses.

Throughout his career, Buckner has been praised for his exceptional playmaking ability and versatility on the defensive line. His strength and technique enable him to be effective against both the run and the pass, making him a versatile and disruptive force.

Buckner’s presence in the middle of the Colts’ defensive line is crucial, as he often draws double teams, allowing his teammates to exploit one-on-one matchups. His performance and leadership have solidified his status as one of the top defensive tackles in the league.


The impressive tales of Jimmy Graham, Aidan Hutchinson, Brian O’Neill, and DeForest Buckner underscore the unique impact that players standing at 6’7″ bring to the NFL.

Each of these athletes has harnessed their towering stature to excel in their respective positions, whether it’s making pivotal catches as a tight end, breaking through offensive lines as a defensive end, protecting the quarterback as an offensive tackle, or disrupting plays as a defensive tackle. Their stories highlight the blend of physical advantage, skill, and strategic acumen required to succeed at such a height in professional football.

As we conclude this exploration of 6’7″ players in the NFL, it becomes evident that height, while a significant attribute, is just one part of the equation. These players’ success is rooted in their ability to combine their physical gifts with hard work, dedication, and a deep understanding of the game.

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