Hockey Players who Played for Predators and Blue Jackets

My guess is you’ve searched this page out because you’re playing the Immaculate Grid.

If I’m right, that also means that today’s grid is asking for players that have played for both the Nashville Predators and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

And, I’m also guessing that you’re a little stuck on this particular square and you’re looking for a little help to keep your grid immaculate. Sound about right so far?

Well, good news, I’m here to help.

I’ve already done the research and have put together a list of well-known stars along with some more “under-the-radar” players that could land you a low rarity score.

Seth Jones

Seth Jones was drafted fourth overall by the Nashville Predators in the 2013 NHL Draft. He displayed considerable promise early in his career, demonstrating great poise and defensive prowess.

In January 2016, he was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets, where he blossomed into one of the NHL’s top defensemen, earning multiple selections to the NHL All-Star Game. His time with the Blue Jackets was marked by strong defensive play and an ability to contribute on the offensive end as well.

In 2021, he was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks, a move that was followed by him signing a significant contract extension with the team, illustrating the Blackhawks’ belief in his abilities and the central role they envision for him in the team’s future.

Jones Key Stats

  • All-Star (Blue Jackets, Blackhawks)

Matt Duchene

Matt Duchene was selected 3rd overall by the Colorado Avalanche in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. He wasted no time showcasing his potential, finishing his rookie season among the top scorers on the team. For several seasons, Duchene was a key figure for the Avalanche, consistently ranking among their top offensive players.

Duchene was involved in a blockbuster three-team trade in 2017 that sent him to the Ottawa Senators. While his tenure with the Senators was relatively short-lived, he made significant contributions, particularly in the offensive zone.

In 2019, Duchene joined the Nashville Predators, where he continued to display his offensive prowess and versatility on the ice. He has also represented Canada on multiple occasions in international play, securing gold medals at the World Championships and the Winter Olympics.

Duchene Key Stats

  • 40+ Goal Season (Predators)

Mike Sillinger

Mike Sillinger is a player known for his journeyman career in the NHL. Over the course of his tenure in the league, Sillinger earned the unique distinction of playing for a record 12 different NHL teams, the most by any player in league history. This constant movement earned him the nickname of the “NHL’s most traded player.”

Sillinger started his NHL career after being drafted 11th overall by the Detroit Red Wings in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft. While he showcased skill and versatility as a center, he frequently found himself on the move, transitioning between teams either through trades or free agency.

Despite the frequent relocations, Sillinger was consistently productive wherever he played. Over his 1,049 NHL games, he accumulated 548 points, proving his value as a reliable two-way forward.

Erik Gudbranson

Erik Gudbranson is a Canadian defenseman, known for his physical style of play and his defensive abilities. He was drafted third overall by the Florida Panthers in the 2010 NHL Draft.

During his early career with the Panthers, Gudbranson established himself as a tough, physical defenseman, often taking on a role that emphasized defensive responsibilities over offensive production.

Over the years, Gudbranson has been a bit of a journeyman, playing for several teams including the Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators, Nashville Predators, Calgary Flames and Columbus Blue Jackets.

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