The 19 NBA Players Who Are 6’1″ (2023-2024)

In a sport where towering giants often grab the headlines, there exists a group of players who prove that skill, agility, and basketball IQ can triumph over sheer size. Standing at an impressive but not overwhelming height of 6’1″, these athletes are a testament to the diverse nature of talent in the NBA.

This feature focuses on the dynamic and versatile 6’1″ players currently making waves in the league.

From the quick-footed guards to the sharpshooting playmakers, these players bring a unique blend of speed, precision, and strategic play to the hardwood. They navigate the land of giants with finesse and determination, often becoming the heartbeat of their teams.

6’1″ NBA Players

Jevon CarterGChicago Bulls
Seth CurryGDallas Mavericks
JD DavisonGBoston Celtics
Malachi FlynnGToronto Raptors
Jordan FordGSacramento Kings
Darius GarlandGCleveland Cavaliers
Collin GillespieGDenver Nuggets
Devonte’ GrahamGSan Antonio Spurs
Tre JonesGSan Antonio Spurs
Tyus JonesGWashington Wizards
Kira Lewis Jr.GNew Orleans Pelicans
Miles McBrideGNew York Knicks
T.J. McConnellGIndiana Pacers
Craig Porter Jr.GCleveland Cavaliers
Payton PritchardGBoston Celtics
Terry RozierGCharlotte Hornets
Dennis SchroderGToronto Raptors
Lindell WiggintonGMilwaukee Bucks
Trae YoungGAtlanta Hawks

This table of NBA players standing at 6’1″ makes it clear that these athletes, though shorter than the league’s average height of 6’6 1/2″, bring a distinctive edge to their game.

Their stature, while below average, in no way diminishes their impact on the court; in fact, it often enhances their play style, allowing for greater agility, speed, and control.

Among these standout players, Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks shines as a prime example. His incredible scoring ability and playmaking skills have made him one of the most exciting guards in the league.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Trae Young as well as highlight a few of the other standout 6’1″ players in the NBA.

Player Bios

Trae Young

Height: 6’1″
Position: Guard
Team: Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young, a standout guard for the Atlanta Hawks, exemplifies how a player of 6’1″ can dominate on the basketball court. Since entering the league, Young has quickly become one of the most exciting and prolific scorers in the NBA.

His ability to shoot from long range, coupled with his exceptional ball-handling skills and vision, makes him a constant offensive threat.

Young’s journey to NBA stardom began at the University of Oklahoma, where he led the nation in both points and assists.

In the NBA, his impact was immediate, as he brought a new level of energy and scoring ability to the Hawks. His knack for making big plays, whether scoring from deep or setting up teammates, has made him an essential player in Atlanta’s lineup.

T.J. McConnell

Height: 6’1″
Position: Guard
Team: Indiana Pacers

T.J. McConnell of the Indiana Pacers is a prime example of how a 6’1″ player can excel through sheer determination and basketball intelligence. McConnell, known for his tenacity and high basketball IQ, has carved out a significant role in the NBA through his hard work and consistent performance.

Beginning his career as an undrafted player, McConnell’s journey to the NBA is a story of perseverance. His ability to control the tempo of the game, combined with his defensive prowess, makes him a valuable asset to the Pacers.

He is particularly known for his skill in stealing the ball and disrupting opponents’ plays, contributing significantly to his team’s defensive efforts.

Seth Curry

Height: 6’1″
Position: Guard
Team: Dallas Mavericks

Seth Curry, playing for the Dallas Mavericks, has established himself as one of the most accurate shooters in the NBA.

Despite his 6’1″ stature, Curry’s ability to consistently knock down shots from beyond the arc has made him an invaluable asset to his team. His shooting prowess is a testament to his hard work and dedication to perfecting his craft.

Curry’s journey in the NBA is marked by determination and resilience. Unlike his brother, Stephen Curry, Seth took a more winding path to NBA recognition, but his steady improvement and sharpshooting skills have firmly established him as a key player in the league.

His ability to space the floor and provide reliable scoring has made him a perfect fit for the Mavericks’ offensive system.

Dennis Schroder

Height: 6’1″
Position: Guard
Team: Toronto Raptors

Dennis Schroder, currently with the Toronto Raptors, is a player who brings agility, speed, and scoring ability to the point guard position. At 6’1″, his quickness and ball-handling skills allow him to navigate through defenses with ease, making him a constant threat on offense.

Originally from Germany, Schroder’s international experience has contributed to his mature and well-rounded game.

In the NBA, he quickly became known for his ability to drive to the basket and his tenacity on defense. His playmaking ability is not just in scoring; he is also adept at creating opportunities for his teammates, making him a dual threat on the court.

Darius Garland

Height: 6’1″
Position: Guard
Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Darius Garland, a dynamic guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is quickly making a name for himself as one of the brightest young talents in the NBA.

At 6’1″, Garland combines quickness, sharp shooting, and exceptional playmaking abilities to impact games significantly. His skill set makes him a versatile threat on offense and a challenging matchup for opponents.

Garland’s journey to the NBA spotlight started with a promising but short-lived college career at Vanderbilt, cut short by injury. However, his talent was undeniable, leading to his selection by the Cavaliers in the 2019 NBA Draft. Since then, Garland has shown continuous improvement, becoming a key player in the Cavaliers’ rebuilding efforts.

His ability to control the game’s pace, coupled with his scoring and passing skills, has turned heads across the league. Garland’s vision on the court and his knack for making crucial plays have earned him recognition as one of the future faces of the NBA.


The stories of these 6’1″ players in the NBA — from Trae Young’s offensive brilliance to Darius Garland’s emerging stardom — illustrate that height is just one component of success in basketball.

These athletes demonstrate that skill, agility, basketball intelligence, and sheer determination are equally crucial in carving out a significant role in the league.

Their ability to compete and excel at the highest level of the sport, often against taller opponents, is a testament to their talent and hard work. Each player brings a unique set of skills to their team, whether it’s sharpshooting, playmaking, or defensive prowess.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they challenge the traditional norms of basketball and inspire upcoming players of all statures.

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