Average Height of NFL Running Backs

Average Height of NFL Running Backs in 2023

In the high-octane world of the NFL, the running back is a position often romanticized for its blend of speed, power, and agility.

But what about height? Does it really matter?

Gone are the days of guesswork and stereotypes; it’s time to put numbers to the narrative. For this deep dive, I examined the heights and weights of over 100 running backs on opening-day rosters for the 2023 season.

Spoiler alert: the findings might just challenge your assumptions and change the way you view the game!

NFL RB Avg Height

The average height of an NFL Running Back in 2023 is 5’10 3/4″.

However, averages don’t often tell the whole story. For instance, there is almost an entire foot difference between the shortest and tallest running backs. I wanted to take a closer look.

So, in an effort to give you an even better idea of how NFL Running Backs stack up, I tallied up how many players are at each specific height – from 5’5″ all the way to 6’3″.

Running Back Height Scale

HeightNumber of Players

This table provides some interesting insight into the running back position. While the average is 5’11”, the actual heights of players have a wide range from 5’8″ all the way to 6’1″ (not including the outliers at either end of the scale).

This is much different than many positions, like quarterbacks for example, that have a very tight window of heights that most players fall between.

Which NFL Running backs are the Tallest?

Want to know who the five guys are that sit at the bottom of the table above? Thought you might.

Here are the five tallest RBs in the NFL this season, all measuring 6’2″ or taller:

Derrick Henry6’3″Tennesse Titans
Latavius Murray6’3″Buffalo Bills
Cordarrelle Patterson6’2″Atlanta Falcons
Roschon Johnson6’2″Chicago Bears
Antonio Gibson6’2″Washington Commanders

Which NFL Running Backs are the Shortest?

Just as interesting (or maybe even more so) as which guys are the tallest is which players are actually the shortest.

The 11 shortest running backs in the NFL are all 5”8″ or shorter, led by a rookie who stands at just 5’5″.

Deuce Vaughn5’5″Dallas Cowboys
Boston Scott5’6″Philadelphia Eagles
Devin Singletary5’7″Houston Texans
Clyde Edwards-Helaire5’7″Kansas City Chiefs
De’Von Achane5’8″Miami Dolphins
Keaton Mitchell5’8″Baltimore Ravens
Anthony McFarland5’8″Pittsburgh Steelers
Michael Carter5’8″New York Jets
JaMycal Hasty5’8″Jacksonville Jaguars
Trayveon Williams5’8″Cincinnati Bengals
Jaylen Warren5’8″Pittsburgh Steelers


As we wrap up our exploration of the average height of NFL running backs in 2023, one thing is crystal clear: height, while an interesting statistic, is hardly the sole determinant of a player’s success on the field.

This season has showcased an incredible array of talent from running backs of various statures, each bringing their unique style and strengths to the game. From the elusive agility of shorter backs to the powerful strides of their taller counterparts, the NFL continues to be a melting pot of athletic prowess.

What truly sets these athletes apart is not the inches they measure but their relentless drive, their strategic minds, and their unwavering dedication to the sport.

As fans and enthusiasts, let’s appreciate the diverse skill sets these players bring to the gridiron, transcending traditional metrics like height. Remember, in the world of NFL, it’s the heart and hustle that often write the most compelling stories of triumph.

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