Average Weight of NFL Tight Ends

Average Weight of NFL Tight Ends (2024)

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL, the role of the tight end has become increasingly pivotal, demanding a unique combination of size, strength, and agility. This season, we’re taking a closer look at a crucial aspect of these versatile players: their average weight.

Understanding the average weight of NFL tight ends provides us with more than just a number; it offers a lens into the physical demands and conditioning standards of modern football.

For this deep dive, I examined the heights and weights of over 100 tight ends on opening-day rosters for the 2023 season. From the heaviest run-blocking tight ends to the lightest “flex” ends and everything in between, I cover all of it below.

NFL TE Avg Weight

The average weight of an NFL tight end in 2023 is 249 pounds.

While the overall average provides a useful baseline, it doesn’t fully capture the diversity in the weights of NFL tight ends, who range significantly from the lightest at 220 pounds to the heftiest at 267 pounds.

To offer a more detailed perspective, we’ve segmented the players into 10-pound weight brackets and quantified the number of tight ends within each range.

This approach allows us to present a clearer and more nuanced understanding of the weight distribution across the position, highlighting the varied physical profiles that these athletes bring to the field.

Tight Ends Weight Scale

Weight RangeNumber of Players
220 – 2293
230 – 23911
240 – 24940
250 – 25943
260 – 26915

By breaking the numbers down like this we can see that while the overall range may be relatively large (220 – 267 pounds), the actual range that the large majority of players (77%) fall into is only a 20 pound window from 240 to 259.

This makes Tight Ends one of the most uniform positions that appears to have a very specific “prototype” of player.

Which NFL Tight Ends Weigh the Most?

Curious to know who the guys are toward the bottom of the table above?

Thought you might.

The 8 heaviest guys playing tight end in the league all weigh 265 pounds or more.

Marcedes Lewis267Chicago Bears
Mo Alie-Cox267Indianapolis Colts
Trevon Wesco267Tennessee Titans
Darnell Washington265Pittsburgh Steelers
Jimmy Graham265New Orleans Saints
Ko Kieft265Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Will Dissly265Seattle Seahawks
Michael Mayer265Las Vegas Raiders

Which NFL Tight Ends Weigh the Least?

Just as interesting (or maybe even more so) as which guys weigh the most is which guys weigh the least.

The 10 lightest tight ends in the NFL all weigh under 238 pounds.

Lawrence Cager220New York Giants
Taysom Hill221New Orleans Saints
Stone Smartt226Los Angeles Chargers
Connor Heyward230Pittsburgh Steelers
Harrison Bryant230Cleveland Browns
Juwan Johnson231New Orleans Saints
Johnny Mundt233Minnesota Vikings
Ross Dwelley235San Francisco 49ers
Jesper Horsted237Las Vegas Raiders
Donald Parham237Los Angeles Chargers


As we conclude our deep dive into the average weight of NFL tight ends this season, including a spotlight on the heaviest and lightest players in the position, one thing becomes abundantly clear: there exists a remarkably narrow window of optimal weight for these athletes.

This specificity in weight reflects the highly specialized nature of the tight end role, balancing the need for both physical robustness and agility.

The average weight, as we’ve seen, is not merely a statistical curiosity; it’s a testament to the rigorous training, dietary discipline, and genetic predispositions that define a successful NFL tight end.

Whether it’s the heaviest players using their mass for formidable blocking or the lighter ones leveraging their relative nimbleness for route running and receiving, each has found a niche within this narrow weight range.

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