There is a good chance that if you’ve found this page then you’re playing the Immaculate Grid.

That also means that today’s grid has asked for players that have played for both the Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers.

And, it also means that you’re probably stuck on this particular box and you’re looking for a little help. Sound about right so far?

Well, good news, you’re in the right place.

I’ve done some research and have found players who played for both the Kings and the 76ers.

Chris Webber

After a storied college career with the University of Michigan, where he was a key member of the famed “Fab Five,” Chris Webber was selected first overall in the 1993 NBA Draft. Webber’s NBA career spanned 15 seasons, with stints at the Warriors, Bullets/Wizards, Kings, 76ers, and Pistons.

His most successful tenure was with the Kings, where he was a central figure in the team’s playoff runs in the early 2000s. He was a five-time NBA All-Star and won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 1994.

In his prime, Webber was one of the league’s most potent offensive players, with a diverse skill set that included scoring, rebounding, and passing. In 2021, he was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Webber Key Stats

  • Hall of Fame (Kings, Wizards, 76ers, Warriors, Pistons)
  • Rookie of the Year (Warriors)
  • All-NBA (Kings)
  • All-Star (Kings, Wizards)
  • 20+ Points/Game Season (Wizards, Kings, 76ers)
  • 10+ Rebounds/Game Season (Wizards, Kings)
  • 5+ Assists/Game Season (Kings)

Andre Miller

Andre Miller was drafted 8th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1999 NBA Draft after a successful college career at the University of Utah. His NBA journey took him to multiple teams including the Clippers, 76ers, Trail Blazers, Nuggets, Wizards, Kings, Timberwolves, and Spurs.

Throughout his career, Miller was often among the league leaders in assists. In fact, as of this writing, he ranks 12th all-time in assists in the NBA (8524). He also led the league in assists in 2001-02, averaging 10.9 assists per game.

Miller was never an All-Star but was a key contributor on many teams throughout his 17-year career, demonstrating an ability to fit into various systems and roles.

Miller Key Stats

  • 5+ Assists/Game Season (Cavaliers, Clippers, Nuggets, 76ers, Trail Blazers)

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson entered the NBA when he was selected 4th overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the 1992 NBA Draft.

In Dallas, he quickly showcased his scoring prowess, becoming one of the young pillars of the team alongside Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn. However, despite the promise, the trio was short-lived due to various factors, including injuries and internal dynamics.

What followed for Jackson was a journeyman’s career, as he played for 12 different NBA teams, which included stints with the 76ers, Warriors, Trail Blazers, and Rockets, among others. Despite the frequent relocations, Jackson consistently proved his worth on the court, often providing a scoring punch and veteran presence.

Jackson Key Stats

  • 20+ Points/Game Season (Mavericks)
  • 5+ Assists/Game Season (Nets, Warriors)

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