Oakland Athletics with 40+ Home Runs in a Season

There is a good chance that if you’ve found this page then you’re playing the Immaculate Grid (or you’re just a baseball stats junkie like me and you love home run numbers).

That also means that today’s grid has asked for players who have played for the Oakland Athletics and have hit 40 or more home runs in a season.

And, it also means that you’re probably stuck on this particular box and you’re looking for a little help. Sound about right so far?

Well, good news, you’re in the right place.

I’ve done some research and have compiled all the Athletics that have hit 40 or more home runs in a season. Enjoy.

PlayerHome RunsYear
Mark McGwire581997
Mark McGwire521996
Mark McGwire491987
Khris Davis482018
Reggie Jackson471969
Jose Canseco441991
Khris Davis432017
Jason Giambi432000
Jose Canseco421988
Khris Davis422016
Mark McGwire421992

A Closer Look

Mark McGwire

  • 1997 Season: McGwire started the season with the Oakland Athletics, hitting 34 home runs before being traded to the St. Louis Cardinals on July 31. With the Cardinals, he added another 24 home runs in 51 games, ending the season with a major-league-leading total of 58 home runs. His batting average was .253 with the Cardinals, contributing to a total of 42 RBIs. Overall, he achieved a .646 slugging percentage, an OPS of 1.039, and was placed 16th in the NL MVP voting.
  • 1996 Season: McGwire led the major league with 52 home runs. He also achieved a career-high .312 batting average and led the league in both slugging and on-base percentage.
  • 1987 Season: This was McGwire’s rookie season when he burst upon the major league scene, setting a record for home runs by a rookie.

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