Average Weight of NHL Players

The Average Weight of NHL Hockey Players (2024)

Ever pondered how much your favorite NHL players weigh? We’ve taken the initiative to analyze the rosters of every NHL team, examining the weights of nearly 800 players.

This isn’t just a matter of tipping the scales; it’s an insightful look into how a player’s weight impacts their performance on the ice. So, grab your gear, and let’s embark on a journey to understand the role of weight in the fast and furious world of NHL hockey.

NHL Player Avg Weight

The average weight of an NHL Player in 2023 is 200 pounds.

However, averages don’t often tell the whole story. For instance, there is a huge gap between the smallest and largest players in the league. I wanted to take a closer look.

So, in an effort to give you an even better idea of how NFL Players stack up, I tallied up how many players are at each specific weight – from 153 pounds all the way to 257.

By Individual Weight

HeightNumber of Players
150 – 1591
160 – 1696
170 – 17957
180 – 189123
190 – 199191
200 – 209204
210 – 219125
220 – 22962
230 – 23921
240 – 2496
250 – 2591

Analyzing the distribution of weights among NHL players reveals some intriguing insights about the physical composition of these athletes. With an average player weighing around 200 pounds, the weight distribution table paints a detailed picture of how players stack up in this high-intensity sport.

  • Lighter Players (150-179 lbs): A small fraction of players falls into this category. These 64 players, making up just about 8% of those analyzed, likely rely more on agility, speed, and skillful maneuvering.
  • Heaviest Concentration (180-209 lbs): This range, encompassing 522 players or roughly 65% of those analyzed, is the sweet spot where the majority of NHL players fall. It’s interesting to note that this range includes the average weight of 200 pounds.
  • Heavier Players (210 lbs and above): These 215 players, about 27% of the sample, bring more mass to the game. This additional weight can be a significant advantage in terms of physicality, checking power, and maintaining puck control under pressure.
  • Extremes (Below 160 lbs and above 240 lbs): The extremes are represented by very few players – only 7 in total. This rarity underscores the demanding nature of the sport, which generally favors a more balanced physique.

By Position

I still wasn’t completely satisfied because I wasn’t sure if the average, and even breaking them down by smaller weight brackets, was telling the whole story.

I was curious to know if there were any noticeable differences between positions. Are Defenders bigger than Wings? How do Goalies compare to other positions on the ice?

So, the only logical next step was to break all 800 players into positions.


It turns out, in the NHL, player weights across different positions are remarkably similar, reflecting the sport’s balance between agility and strength.

Left Wings (LW) and Right Wings (RW) average around 200 lbs, aligning dead on with the overall NHL average. Centers (C), slightly lighter at 197 lbs, emphasize agility for their constant movement across the rink. Defensemen (D) and Goalies (G) are slightly heavier, averaging around 203 and 202 lbs respectively, which aids in their roles that demand physical resilience and stability.

This narrow weight range across positions underlines a key aspect of hockey: regardless of the role, players maintain a physique that balances the need for quick, agile movements with the physical demands of the sport.

Which NHL Players are the Biggest?

Curious to know who the guys are at the bottom of the table above? Thought you might.

Here are the 11 biggest players in the NHL this season – 5 defensemen, 4 wings and 2 goalies – all weighing 238 pounds or more:

Jamie OleksiakD257
Nikita ZadorovD248
Victor HedmanD246
Anthony StolarzG243
Nicolas HagueD240
Dmitri VoronkovLW240
Zack MacEwenRW240
Austin WatsonLW238
Frederik AndersenG238
Alex OvechkinLW238
David SavardD238

Which NHL Players are the Smallest?

Just as interesting (or maybe even more so) as which guys are the heaviest is which players are the lightest.

The 10 lightest players in the NHL – 8 wings, 2 defensemen and 1 center – are all 170 pounds or less.

Kailer YamamotoRW153
Matthew PhillipsRW160
Johnny GaudreauLW163
Conor GarlandRW165
Jared SpurgeonD166
Cole GuttmanC167
Bobby BrinkRW169
Michael CarconeLW170
Samuel GirardD170
Zach BensonLW170
Lukas ReichelLW170


As we conclude our exploration into the average weight of NHL hockey players, it’s evident that the league boasts a remarkable diversity in player sizes. Our analysis, covering a wide spectrum from the lightest wingers like Kailer Yamamoto at 153 lbs to the more formidable defensemen weighing over 250 lbs, highlights the varied physicality within the sport.

This diversity underscores the fact that success in the NHL isn’t solely dictated by size or weight; rather, it’s the unique combination of skill, agility, strategy, and physical attributes that each player brings to the ice. Players like Johnny Gaudreau and Conor Garland exemplify how lighter athletes can leverage their agility and speed, while heavier players use their size and strength to dominate physically.

Ultimately, the NHL serves as a testament to the fact that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for excellence in hockey. The league’s broad weight range celebrates the varied talents and physical forms that come together to make hockey the dynamic and thrilling sport it is.

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