Average Height of NHL Players

The Average Height of NHL Hockey Players (2024)

Have you ever wondered just how tall NHL players are? To get to the bottom of this, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and dug through the rosters of every NHL team. That’s right, nearly 800 players’ heights were put under our microscope.

This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about understanding what these heights mean in the fast-paced sport of hockey. So, lace up your skates, and let’s dive into the sizes of NHL players and their towering presence on the ice.

NHL Players’ Average Height

The average height of an NHL Player in 2024 is 6’1 1/2″.

However, averages don’t often tell the whole story. I wanted to take a closer look.

So, in an effort to give you an even better idea of how NHL hockey players stack up, I tallied up how many players are at each specific height – from 5’11” all the way to 6’8″.

Hockey Height Scale

HeightNumber of Players

When you group the heights together like this, a couple of things really stick out.

First, the average height of 6’1 1/2″ is an excellent representation of the overall height of hockey players. The two most common heights in the league are 6’1″ and 6’2″, with a fairly even drop off as you move further away from those two heights.

The second is that while there is a rather large range of heights overall, from 5’8″ to 6’8″, the large majority of players cluster within a much smaller range of 6’0″ to 6’3″. In fact, exactly two-thirds of all players fall into this smaller 4-inch window.

Which NHL Players are the Tallest?

Curious to know who the 7 guys are at the bottom of the table above? The ones standing 6’7″ or taller?

Spoiler Alert: Six out of the seven are defensemen along with a crazy tall goalie.

Player NameHeightPos
Tyler Myers6’8″D
Victor Hedman6’7″D
Jani Hakanpää6’7″D
Logan Stanley6’7″D
Vincent Desharnais6’7″D
Jamie Oleksiak6’7″D
Mads Sogaard6’7″G

Which NHL Players are the Shortest?

Just as interesting (or maybe even more so) as which guys are the tallest is which guys are actually the shortest.

The 10 shortest players in the NHL are all 5’8″.

Player NameHeightPos
Tyler Johnson5’8″C
Conor Sheary5’8″LW
Justin Danforth5’8″RW
Cam Atkinson5’8″RW
Bobby Brink5’8″RW
Matthew Phillips5’8″RW
Alex DeBrincat5’8″RW
Cole Caufield5’8″RW
Mats Zuccarello5’8″RW
Kailer Yamamoto5’8″RW


As our journey through the heights of NHL players comes to a close, it’s clear that size plays a significant role in professional hockey. Our deep dive into the heights of nearly 800 NHL players revealed a blend of towering defensemen and agile forwards, each bringing their unique physical attributes to the game.

Whether it’s the towering presence of defensemen like Victor Hedman or the swift agility of forwards like Mats Zuccarello, the NHL showcases a diverse array of athletes. This mix of height and skill underscores the dynamic nature of hockey, where physicality meets strategy, and every inch can make a difference.

Remember, it’s not just about how tall you stand, but how you use your size in the rink. So, whether you’re a fan, a player, or just curious about the game, keep your eyes on the ice – the heights might just surprise you.

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