What Does a Center Do in Football

What Does the Center Do in Football? (Beginner’s Guide)

Football is more than just a game of brute strength and speed; it’s a tactical chess match played at a breakneck pace. One of the essential pieces on this chessboard is the Center. To truly appreciate the intricacies of the game, it’s crucial to understand the roles of each position, starting with the Center.

The Basics: What Is a Center?

The Center is the player who starts every offensive play by snapping the ball to the quarterback.

Positioned in the middle of the offensive line, the Center is often referred to as the captain of the Offensive Line and is a linchpin who holds the line together. He’s like the drummer in a band—keeping the beat and setting the rhythm for everyone else to follow.

Setting the Stage: Pre-Snap

Offensive and Defensive Lines Football

Before the ball is even snapped, the Center has several responsibilities. He surveys the defense to identify their formation, and based on what he sees, he’ll make line adjustments and call out protections to the other linemen.

This helps the Offensive Line be on the same page, knowing who each person is assigned to block on that particular play.

Think of him as a second quarterback but for the offensive line. His decisions in these crucial seconds can make or break a play.

Snap Mechanics: It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

Snapping the ball is an art in itself. The Center needs to deliver the ball to the quarterback with pinpoint accuracy, all while preparing to block a 300-pound defender.

There are two main types of snaps—the Shotgun snap, where the ball is sent several yards back to a standing quarterback, and the Traditional Under-Center snap, where the quarterback receives the ball directly from the Center’s hands.

Each type requires different skills but equally demands precision and timing.

It’s one of those skills that everyone in the stadium takes for granted until it becomes an issue. And, if the Center starts to have problems accurately snapping the ball it be catastrophic to an offense.

The Center as a Protector: Pass Blocking

When the quarterback drops back to pass, the Center’s main job is to protect him from the oncoming defensive players. This is known as pass blocking.

The Center uses a combination of footwork, hand technique, and communication to fend off defenders. If he’s not in sync with his fellow linemen, the whole line can collapse (referred to as collapsing the pocket), leading to a quarterback sack.

The Center as an Enforcer: Run Blocking

Offensive Lineman Run Blocking

In a running play, the Center’s job shifts from protection to creating an opening in the defense for the running back to exploit. This is run blocking. The Center must use leverage and strength to push defensive players out of the way, essentially acting as a bulldozer to create a path for the running back.

Communication: The Unseen Skill

You won’t see it on the highlight reels, but effective communication is crucial for a Center. He has to be on the same page with not only the quarterback but also the other offensive linemen.

They use a set of coded words and phrases to quickly relay complex information. Without good communication, even the best-laid plans can fall apart.

Mobility and Agility: Not Just Brute Strength

Though Centers are often some of the strongest players on the field, they also need to be agile and mobile. They pull off complex maneuvers like screen plays, where they momentarily back off from blocking and then sprint downfield to block for a receiver.

In pull blocks, they’ll actually leave their initial position to block a defender on the other side of the field. It’s a role that requires a unique blend of power and finesse.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Techniques

As Centers gain experience, they begin to master more complex techniques. Different blocking schemes, like zone blocking and man-to-man, require a deep understanding of the game. They need to recognize defensive setups quickly and adapt their blocking strategy on the fly.


The Center may not get all the glory that quarterbacks and wide receivers do, but make no mistake: he’s one of the most critical players on the field.

The next time you watch a football game, pay close attention to the Center. You’ll appreciate the game at a whole new level, recognizing the skill, strategy, and teamwork that go into every snap.

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